For private individuals

Legal services

MARCHINI & ASSOCIATI, though its consolidated experience and the direct involvement of the professionals at Acrux Advisors, can provide assistance and consultancy for all the following areas.

Civil liability

compensation protection; liability actions; litigation.

Contract management

Contract stipulation; opinions based on national and international law; trade negotiations.

Property and real estate rights

Out-of-court and in-court assistance; leases; condominiums and community of property; expropriation.

Inheritance and family agreements

Protection and litigation, opinions and assistance in regulation of estates and inheritances. Family agreements.

Family and minors

Protection and litigation; separations and divorces; custody; proceedings for minors.

Intellectual property

License agreements; confidentiality agreements; protection and litigation.

Arbitration proceedings

Mediation proceedings; formal and informal arbitration.

Administrative law

administrative proceedings; protection and litigation; dealings with Public Administration.

Related Arguments

Business & technology advisors

Analysis and/or assistance in defining procedures to govern the credit and inventory areas using appropriate software to process company data.

Business strategy

Business and legal consultancy services, including on an ongoing basis, provided to banking, financial and insurance intermediaries, and to companies that use capital markets for financial transact