Business & technology advisors

Implementation of cost accounting

Valuation of client's business model and definition of cost accounting model -- cost accounting and profitability analysis Evaluation of existing tools for implementation of the model. Support in technological implementation with possibility of evaluating the products on the market through specific software selection or coordination of activities to develop the ad-hoc software solutions needed. Evaluation of the possibility to implement a multidimensional reporting system.


Project cost and time reporting system (Time Sheet)


Software selection / Implementation of IT systems

Assistance with the selection of software in complex environments or having high organizational and technological impact. Evaluation of processing requirements. Assistance provided to staff in the process of analyzing and revising the current procedures. Assistance in selecting software and implementing it in the organizational structure. Monitoring and mitigation of any new procedural and control issues.


Implementation of multidimensional OLAP systems

Analysis of business demands. Establishment of informational departmental models by defining opportune Data Marts and/or a Data Warehouse. Support in adopting multidimensional reporting systems.


Internal audit and EDP Auditing

Internal auditing support to businesses and public entities. Assistance and support in defining new control models both for purely administrative purposes and in the IT area (EDP Auditing).

Consultancy to define an effective internal control system and adopt innovative IT tools to assist with auditing.


Licensing control support

Support in evaluating the coverage of the software licenses on the range of business applications. Coordination in defining appropriate monitoring and audit procedures. Assistance in litigation.


Statistical analysis of credit and inventory areas.

Analysis and/or assistance in defining procedures to govern the credit and inventory areas using appropriate software to process company data.